Our Story

Having been an integral part of the open tibia community for years, ou founder “Nogard” have been involved with servers like PokeXGames, Ravendawn Online, PAdventures, Archlight, BlackTalon and many others. Throughout this journey, one truth became abundantly clear: a truly exceptional game hinges on impeccable visual quality. Driven by this realization and a burning desire to empower aspiring game developers, he embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between creativity and budget constraints. Thus, our humble store was born—a haven where game creators could access good sprites without breaking the bank. Our origins are steeped in a commitment to quality, affordability, and fostering the growth of unique projects within the Open Tibia realm.

Core Values


We believe that financial limitations should never hinder innovation. Our core value revolves around making exceptional visual assets accessible to all developers, regardless of the size or stage of their project.


Honesty and integrity serve as bedrock for us. We are transparent in our dealings, and every sprite in our collection is a testament to our commitment to delivering what we promise.


As the open tibia landscape evolves, so do we. We are constantly exploring new techniques, styles, and trends to ensure that our sprites remain cutting-edge and resonate with modern styles.

Growth and Diversity

We are staunch advocates for the growth and diversification of the Open Tibia scenario. By offering a wide range of sprites that cater to various themes and genres, we hope to inspire developers to think outside the box and create truly exceptional projects.